How to Naturally Increase Your Vitamin D Levels

Milk Magic

Drinking fortified milk is a yummy way to get more Vitamin D. It's like sunshine in a glass!

Fantastic Fish

Eating fish like salmon or tuna can fill you up with healthy Vitamin D. It's fish-tastic!

Egg-ceptional Eggs!

Guess what? The yolk in eggs is packed with Vitamin D. Breakfast just got better!

Many breakfast cereals have extra Vitamin D. Check the box and choose wisely!

Cereal Time

Cheese not only tastes great, but it's also a sneaky source of Vitamin D.

Say Cheese!

Mushroom Magic

Did you know mushrooms can make Vitamin D just like us? Pick the ones grown in sunlight for more benefits.

Nutty Snacks

Some fortified orange juices and almond milks are boosted with Vitamin D. Sip and enjoy!

Play Outside

Playing outside isn’t just fun, it’s healthy too! More sunlight means more Vitamin D.

Stay Safe!

While soaking up the sun, don’t forget your sunscreen after a few minutes. Safety first!

Blend some fortified yogurt into your smoothies for a delicious, Vitamin D-packed treat.