How to Tell Your Friends About Your MRI Experience

Sharing Your Adventure

After your MRI, you might want to tell your friends all about it!

Make it Fun

Turn your MRI experience into a fun story to share with your friends.

Explaining the Machine

Describe the MRI machine like a big camera that takes pictures of the inside of your body.

Brave and Still

Tell your friends how brave you were for staying still during the scan, just like a superhero.

Share how the MRI machine made loud noises, but you weren't scared because you knew they were just the magnets working.

Loud Noises

Talk about wearing goggles or listening to music during the scan to help you relax.

Wearing Special Gear

Thank Your Friends

Thank your friends for listening to your MRI story and being supportive.

Sharing the Results

If you learned something cool from your MRI, like seeing pictures of your bones, share that too!

If your friends ever have to get an MRI, encourage them by telling them how easy and cool it was!