Impact of energy drinks before MRI

What's in Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks have caffeine and sugar, giving you a quick energy boost!

Caffeine and MRIs

Caffeine can make your heart beat faster, which might affect your MRI results.

Sugar Rush!

Sugar can also increase your energy, making it hard to stay still during the scan.

Why Stay Still?

Staying still during an MRI is super important for clear pictures.

Energy drinks might make you feel tense or nervous, which isn't helpful for an MRI.

Nervous Feeling

Doctors often say no food or drinks before an MRI. This includes energy drinks!

Doctor's Advice

What to Drink Instead?

Water is the best choice before an MRI. It keeps you hydrated without extra energy.

Prepare the Night Before

Sleep well and avoid caffeine to be calm and ready for your MRI.

Remember, just water and follow your doctor's instructions.