Impact of Lip Gloss on MRI Procedures

The Science Behind MRI

MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create detailed images of your body.

How Lip Gloss Affects MRI

Lip gloss contains metals that can interfere with the MRI signals, causing artifacts.

What Are Artifacts?

Artifacts are distortions or anomalies in the MRI images, reducing their clarity and accuracy.

Safety Concerns

Metals in lip gloss can heat up during the scan, posing a safety risk.

Before your MRI, you’ll be asked to remove any cosmetics, including lip gloss.

Preparing for Your MRI

Clear MRI images are crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

The Importance of Clear Images

Alternatives to Lip Gloss

Use non-metallic lip balms or go without any lip products before your scan.

Follow Instructions

Always follow the pre-scan instructions given by your healthcare provider.

Removing lip gloss before an MRI ensures your safety and the quality of your scan results.