Importance of removing piercings before an MRI

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's like a giant camera that helps doctors see inside your body!

Why Remove Piercings?

MRI machines use powerful magnets. Metals, like those in piercings, are attracted to magnets, which can be risky.

What Can Happen?

If you keep your piercings on, they might move or heat up because of the MRI’s magnets. Ouch!

Safety First!

Removing piercings helps ensure nothing uncomfortable happens during the scan.

Whether it’s in your ear, nose, or belly button, all piercings need to come off.

Types of Piercings

Metals react to the MRI machine’s magnetic field, which can distort the images.

Metallic Reaction

Clear Images

Without metals in the way, doctors can get a clearer look at what’s inside you.

Not Just Piercings

Any metal objects on your body need to be removed for the same reasons.

Before your MRI, a nurse will check to make sure all metal has been removed.