Medicines That Help Calm Your Brain

What's Inside Your Head?

Your brain is like a super-computer that controls how you feel!

Feeling Anxious?

Sometimes, we feel nervous or scared. Certain medicines can help with that.

Magic Pills

Doctors sometimes prescribe magic pills that help our brains relax.

These pills increase calm signals in your brain, making you feel peaceful.

How Do They Work?

Remember, these are special medicines, not candies. Only take them if a doctor says so!

Not Candy!

Types of Calm Pills

Some pills are for anxiety, some are for sleep. Each type has a special job!

Natural Helpers

Besides medicine, deep breathing and counting to ten can also calm you down.

Always Ask a Doctor

Always talk to a doctor before taking any medicine, even if it's to calm down.

It's super important to follow the doctor’s instructions exactly.