Medicines That Help With Too Much Energy

What is Energy?

Energy lets us play, think, and do all our daily activities. But sometimes, we can feel too energetic.

Feeling Too Energetic

When we have too much energy, it might be hard to sit still, focus, or relax.

Why Use Medicine?

Sometimes, doctors give medicine to help people manage their energy better.

Oddly enough, certain meds that speed others up can help slow some people down to focus better.


These help smooth out energy levels throughout the day.

Mood Stabilizers

How Do They Work?

These medicines work in the brain, helping it control how we feel and act.

Doctor's Advice is Key

Always a doctor decides if someone needs medicine and what type is best.

Taking Medicine Safely

If prescribed, it's important to take medicine just as the doctor says.

Along with medicine, sleeping well, eating right, and playing outdoors keep our energy balanced.