Medicines That Stop Blood Clots

What Are Blood Clots?

Blood clots are tiny, thick clumps that form when your blood hardens from a liquid to a solid.

Why Worry About Blood Clots?

Sometimes, blood clots can block blood vessels and cause problems like not letting enough blood flow to your legs or lungs.

Medicine to the Rescue!

Doctors use special medicines to make sure blood clots don’t cause trouble.

One common medicine is Aspirin. It helps make your blood less sticky!


Warfarin is another medicine. It works slowly to help keep clots from forming.



Apixaban is a newer medicine. It stops clots very quickly!

How Do They Work?

These medicines help thin your blood. It's like making a thick smoothie thinner so it flows easily through a straw!

When Do Doctors Use Them?

Doctors give these medicines to people who need extra help to prevent clots.

Always listen to your doctor on how to take these medicines. Never take medicine on your own.