Possible effects of perfumes in MRI environments

What Happens in an MRI?

MRI machines use powerful magnets to look inside the body.

Why No Perfumes?

Perfumes can affect the MRI because they contain metal particles.

Metal in Perfumes?

Yes! Some perfumes have tiny metal bits that help make the scent last longer.

Metal + Magnets

The metal in perfumes can react to the MRI's magnets, causing blurry images.

Doctors ask you not to wear perfume to keep the MRI pictures clear.

Safety First!

Besides perfumes, avoid lotions and sprays with metals when having an MRI.

What Else to Avoid?

What If I Wore Perfume?

Tell the MRI technician, they might ask you to reschedule for safety.

The Smell Issue

Strong scents from perfumes can also make the closed MRI space uncomfortable.

Allergic Reactions

Perfumes can cause allergies, which is risky in a closed space like an MRI room.

No perfumes, no lotions with metals, and wear comfortable clothes.