Pre-scan Procedures: What to Do Before an MRI

Before the Scan

Change into a comfy hospital gown!

No Metal Allowed!

Make sure you're not wearing any metal objects like coins, watches, or belts.

Jewelry Off!

Remove all your jewelry to stay safe during the scan.

Check Your Pockets!

Double-check your pockets for any small items!

Listen carefully if the doctors give you any special instructions.

Special Instructions?

It's okay to feel a bit nervous. You can ask questions if you're unsure about anything!

Feeling Nervous?

Inside the Scan Room

Lie down on the scan bed and get comfy.

Hold Still

Hold very still while the machine takes pictures. It helps get the best images!

What You’ll Hear

The MRI machine makes loud noises. That's normal!

Once the scan is finished, you can go back to doing your favorite things.