Reasons you can't wear metal during an MRI

What is an MRI?

An MRI machine is like a giant camera that doctors use to look inside your body without surgery!

Why No Metal?

MRI machines use super strong magnets. Metal objects can become dangerous around them!

Magnetic Attraction

Metal can be pulled towards the MRI machine, which can be risky for anyone near it.

Flying Objects?

Even small metal objects like coins or keys can fly through the air towards the machine!

Keeping metal away keeps you safe from any unexpected flying objects.

Your Safety First

Metal can mess up the pictures taken by the MRI, making it hard to see what’s inside you.

Image Clarity

Device Disruption

If you have metal implants, they might disrupt how the MRI works or affect the implant itself.

No Accessories

Things like earrings, watches, and belts need to be removed before your scan.

Checking Pockets

Always double-check your pockets for any metal items before an MRI.

Once you’re free of metal, you’re all set for a safe MRI scan!