Stopping HIV Before It Starts

What is HIV?

HIV is a virus that can make people very sick by attacking their body's defense system.

How Does HIV Spread?

HIV spreads through certain body fluids like blood, not through casual contact like handshakes or sharing food.

Protecting Everyone

Doctors and scientists work hard to protect people from getting HIV.

There are special medicines that help keep the virus away before it can cause harm.

Medicine Helps

Eating healthy foods and exercising can keep our bodies strong and ready to fight off illnesses.

Eating Well & Staying Fit

Visiting the Doctor

Regular check-ups with a doctor help keep you healthy and safe.

Talking About Safety

It's important to talk about ways to stay safe from viruses like HIV.

What If Someone Has HIV?

People with HIV can live long, happy lives with the right medicine and care.

Sharing what you learn about staying healthy helps keep everyone safe.