The Best Vegetables for a Low-Carb Diet

What's Low-Carb?

It means eating fewer carbohydrates, which are found in sugars and starches.


Crunchy and fun, broccoli is super low in carbs!

Broccoli Fun Fact!

Did you know broccoli is like the mini trees of the food world?


Spinach is not only low in carbs but also packed with vitamins!

It can make you strong with its iron and vitamins!

Spinach Superpower!

A great low-carb veggie that can turn into rice or pizza crust!


Cauliflower Magic!

It can change into so many foods; it’s like a veggie wizard!

Bell Peppers

Colorful and sweet, perfect for snacks and very low in carbs.

Pepper Party!

Did you know bell peppers come in red, yellow, and green?


Crunchy water sticks that are almost zero carbs!

Keep munching on these veggies for a healthy, low-carb diet!