The Dangers of Metal Zippers in MRI Machines

What's an MRI?

MRI machines use huge magnets to look inside our bodies without any cuts!

Magnets in Action

These magnets are so strong they can pull metal objects towards them super fast!

About Metal Zippers

Metal zippers are found in some clothes, but did you know they are made of metal?

The Pull of Magnets

When metal gets close to an MRI, it can get pulled because of the strong magnet!

If you wear a zipper, it might move suddenly, which can be scary and dangerous!

What Can Happen?

That’s why doctors ask us to wear special clothes with no metal when getting an MRI.

Safety First

Checking for Metal

Before an MRI, a quick check ensures there are no metal bits on clothes or in pockets.

What Else to Remove?

Besides zippers, all jewelry, belts, and even coins need to be removed for safety.

Wearing comfy, metal-free clothes makes the MRI safe and easy!