The Impact of Smoking on PET Scan Results

What's a PET Scan?

A PET scan is a special camera that doctors use to see inside your body to check how healthy it is.

Why Do People Smoke?

Some adults smoke cigarettes, which can be harmful to their health.

Smoking Before a PET Scan

Smoking before a PET scan can change the pictures the scan takes.

Why It Matters

Doctors need clear pictures to understand how to help someone feel better.

Smoking makes certain parts of the body look different than they should on a PET scan.

What Happens in the Body?

Smoking affects how sugar travels in the body, and PET scans often watch how sugar moves to spot problems.

Sugar and Smoking

Can Mistakes Happen?

Yes, smoking can make doctors think there’s a problem when there isn’t, or miss a real problem!

What Do Doctors Say?

Doctors ask people not to smoke before a PET scan to get the best picture possible.

On the day of the PET scan, it’s important not to smoke to help the doctors see everything clearly.