The Impact of Stress on Digestion

What is Stress?

Stress is like that nervous butterfly in your stomach when you have to do something big.

Your Amazing Body!

Inside you, there’s a brain-gut connection that talks using signals!

Stress Talks!

When you're stressed, your brain sends "alert" messages to your stomach.

Tummy's Reaction

These alerts can make your stomach act up, causing aches or feeling queasy.

Stress can make you feel full or not hungry, even when you haven’t eaten much.

Hungry? Not Really!

Stress might rush your digestion, leading to an upset stomach.

Rushing Through!

Slow Down, Belly!

Sometimes, stress does the opposite by slowing your digestion way down.

Stomach in Knots?

Ever feel your stomach in knots? That's stress making muscles tense.

Take a Deep Breath!

Relaxing and taking deep breaths can help calm your stomach.

Good Habits Help!

Eating slowly and relaxing while eating can help keep your digestion happy.

Next time you’re stressed, think about calming your brain and your belly!