The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep Fuels Your Brain

While you sleep, your brain sorts all the things you learned. It’s like a superhero organizing its gadgets!

Sleep Boosts Your Energy

Sleeping well means waking up super energetic, ready to run, play, and laugh all day!

Sleep Helps You Grow

Did you know? Your body grows the most when you're asleep. Sleep well, grow tall!

Sleeping enough keeps germs away, so you don’t get sick often. It’s your body’s shield!

Sleep Keeps You Healthy

A good night’s sleep makes you happier. You smile more when you’re rested!

Sleep Improves Your Mood

Sleep Helps Your Heart

Every night when you sleep, you're giving your heart a little rest too. It beats happy!

Sleep Sharpens Attention

Sleep helps you focus better in class. With good sleep, you’re the star of your school!

Dream Big While You Sleep

Dreams happen when you sleep. They can be fun, weird, or exciting adventures!

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Kids need about 9-11 hours of sleep each night to feel their best!

Set a bedtime routine: brush your teeth, read a book, and then, lights out!