The Magic of Band-Aids: How Do They Help Cuts Heal?

What's a Band-Aid?

A Band-Aid is a sticky strip that protects cuts and scrapes from germs.

Clean the Cut

Before putting on a Band-Aid, clean your cut with soap and water.

Dry It Off

Make sure the skin around the cut is dry so the Band-Aid sticks well.

Peel off the backing and carefully place the Band-Aid over your cut.

Stick It On

Band-Aids keep out dirt and germs that can cause infection.

How Does It Help?

A Safe Shield

Think of a Band-Aid as a shield, keeping your cut safe while it heals.

Healing Power

Under the Band-Aid, your body works magic by building new skin!

Change It Out

Change the Band-Aid if it gets dirty or wet to keep the cut clean.

Leave the Band-Aid on for a day or two to let healing happen faster.