The Role of Pharmacies in Keeping Us Healthy

Getting Medicine

Pharmacies give us the medicine we need to feel better when we're sick.

Health Advice

Pharmacists can give us tips on how to stay healthy and feel our best.


Pharmacies often offer vaccinations to help protect us from diseases.

Pharmacists help people manage their health, especially if they have long-term illnesses.

Managing Health

Many pharmacies can check our blood pressure to make sure it's healthy.

Checking Blood Pressure

Medication Safety

Pharmacists make sure the medicine we take is safe and works well with other medicines.

Health Products

Pharmacies sell health products like vitamins and supplements to keep us strong.

Over-the-Counter Help

Pharmacists can suggest over-the-counter medicines for common problems like colds and headaches.

Pharmacists can give advice in emergencies and help us understand what to do next.