The Secrets of Your Digestive System

Bite and Chew

Every meal starts in your mouth where teeth and saliva begin breaking down food. Ready to swallow?

Down the Esophagus

After swallowing, your food slides down a long tube called the esophagus—it’s like a food slide!

Hello, Stomach!

Your stomach is like a mixer, churning food with acids to make it soft and squishy!

Next, food enters the small intestine, where nutrients are picked up by the body. It’s like a nutrient party!

Small Intestine Secrets

The liver and pancreas add juices to help break down the food even more. It’s teamwork!

Liver and Pancreas Join In

Vitamin Pickup

As food travels, your body grabs vitamins and minerals it needs. Imagine grabbing your favorite snacks!

On to the Large Intestine

In the large intestine, water is absorbed, and what’s left gets ready to leave the body.

Eating a balanced diet helps your digestive system work well. Keep eating those fruits and veggies!