The Truth About Fasting and Metabolism

What is Fasting?

Fasting means not eating for a while! People may fast for health, for a challenge, or as part of a tradition.

Why Do People Fast?

Some people fast to feel better, to cleanse their body, or for religious reasons. It's like giving your body a little break.

What Happens First?

When you start fasting, your body uses up your sugar stores called glucose first to keep you going.

After the sugar, your body starts using fat for energy. This is why some people fast to lose weight.

Next Up: Fat!

When you fast, you might feel really hungry at first. That's your body asking for fuel.

Feeling Hungry?

What About Energy?

You might feel a bit slow or tired when fasting. This happens because your body is switching fuel sources.

Is Fasting Magic?

Fasting isn't a magic trick for weight loss, but it can help some people manage their health better.

What's Metabolism?

Metabolism is like your body’s engine. It uses food to make energy that keeps you running, playing, and thinking.

Does Fasting Slow It Down?

Some people think fasting slows your metabolism, but short fasts might actually make it work smarter!

Can Kids Fast?

Doctors say it’s better for kids to eat at regular times because they need food to grow and learn!

If anyone wants to try fasting, it's important to talk to a doctor, especially if you're still growing!