Tips for a stress-free MRI experience

What is an MRI?

An MRI is a big machine that doctors use to look inside your body without superhero vision!

Before the MRI

Remember to wear comfy clothes like pajamas. No zippers or buttons, please!

Leave Metal Behind

Keep toys, jewelry, and belts at home because the MRI doesn’t like metal!

Listen to the Tech

The MRI technician is your guide. They'll tell you everything you need to do!

Imagine you're a statue in a park. Staying still makes your pictures clear!

Practice Lying Still

The MRI makes funny noises like a drum solo. It’s just doing its job!

What You’ll Hear

Bring Your Favorite Tunes

Sometimes, you can listen to music while lying down. Pick something cool!

Close your eyes and think of your favorite place—like being on the beach or in outer space!