Tips for Maintaining Healthy Kidney Function

Drink Water!

Keep your kidneys happy by drinking plenty of water. It helps them wash out the yucky stuff from your body.

Eat Healthy!

Fruits and veggies are not just tasty, but they're also great for your kidneys. Try apples, carrots, and green beans!

Limit Salt!

Too much salt can make your kidneys work too hard. Instead of chips, how about some yummy unsalted nuts?

Exercise Regularly!

Moving and grooving helps your whole body, including your kidneys. Dance, play sports, or go for a bike ride!

Sugary drinks like soda can tire your kidneys. Quench your thirst with water or milk instead!

Avoid Soda!

Visiting your doctor for regular checkups can help make sure your kidneys are doing their job right!

Checkups are Cool

Stay Clean!

Keeping your body clean helps prevent infections that can hurt your kidneys.

Rest Well!

Getting enough sleep every night helps your kidneys rest too. Aim for 9-11 hours of sleep!

Say No to Smoking!

Smoking is super bad for your kidneys and the rest of your body. Stay away from smoke to stay healthy!

Taking care of your kidneys is easy! Drink water, eat right, and stay active. Keep being awesome and healthy!