Total body CT scan rates in Chandigarh

What is a CT Scan?

A CT scan is like a super camera that takes pictures of the inside of our body!

Why Do We Need CT Scans?

Doctors use CT scans to look inside and check if everything is okay.

Total Body CT Scan

A total body CT scan checks from your head to your toes!

Where Can You Get a CT Scan?

In Chandigarh, there are many places where doctors can do a CT scan.

Costs can vary, but we'll explore some common prices in Chandigarh!

How Much Does It Cost?

The lowest price you might find is around ₹20,000.

Lowest Price

Average Price

On average, a total body scan might cost about ₹30,000.

Highest Price

Some places might charge up to ₹30,000 for a detailed scan.

Why Different Prices?

Prices change based on how advanced the scan technology is.

When Do You Need One?

Doctors will tell you if you need a scan, usually to look more closely at something inside you.

Always go to a trusted doctor or hospital for your scans.