Understanding How X-rays Look Inside You

What Are X-rays?

X-rays are like super-strong light that can pass through stuff, even our bodies, to create pictures called radiographs!

How Do X-rays Work?

When you get an X-ray, a machine sends X-ray beams through your body. Parts of your body block these beams to make an image.

Why Do We Use X-rays?

Doctors use X-rays to look inside your body to see your bones and sometimes other things like your lungs!

Yes, they are safe! Doctors make sure the X-ray machine uses just the right amount of energy.

Are X-rays Safe?

X-rays are great at showing bones! They help doctors find if there are any breaks or cracks.

What Can X-rays See?

Preparing for an X-ray

When you need an X-ray, you might wear a special apron to protect parts of your body from the X-ray beams.

During the X-ray

You have to stay super still while the X-ray is taken. It’s super quick, so you won’t have to wait long!

The X-ray Machine

The machine might look big and scary, but it’s just a camera for looking at bones!

After your X-ray, a doctor looks at the pictures to see if everything is okay or if you need any treatment.