Understanding the Procedure of a CT Abdominal Scan

What's a CT Abdominal Scan?

Imagine a camera that can see inside your belly! That's what a CT scan does.

Before the Scan

You might need to drink a special liquid that helps pictures come out clearer.

Getting Ready

Wear comfy clothes without any metal, like zippers or buttons!

At the Hospital

You’ll lie down on a sliding bed that moves into the CT machine.

It looks like a giant doughnut! The bed slides right through the hole.

The CT Machine

Stay super still while the machine takes pictures. It won’t touch you!

During the Scan

What You'll Hear

You might hear some buzzing and clicking sounds. That's normal!

How Long?

It's quick! The whole thing usually takes just a few minutes.

Doctors will look at the pictures to see how everything inside is doing.