Using deodorant before MRI procedures

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It uses powerful magnets to look inside your body!

Why No Metal?

MRI machines use strong magnets. Metal objects can be pulled towards the machine, which is risky!

Deodorant and Metal

Some deodorants have tiny metal particles that can interfere with the MRI images.

What Happens with Metal?

Metal can distort the MRI pictures, making it hard to get a clear image of what’s inside you.

Doctors usually ask you not to wear any deodorant before your scan. This helps them get the best images!

Before Your MRI

Always check your skincare products. Some might contain metals you don’t know about!

Check Your Products

Day of the MRI

On the day of your MRI, skip the deodorant, so nothing messes with the machine.

What Else to Leave Home?

Besides deodorant, leave jewelry and other metal accessories at home too!

Getting Dressed

Wear comfy clothes with no zippers or buttons. Soft clothes are the best choice!

Once your MRI is done, you can use your deodorant again as usual.