Vitamins vs. Medicine: Which Keeps You Healthier?

What Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are tiny helpers in our food that help us stay strong and healthy. Think of them as superpower ingredients for your body!

Different Vitamins, Different Powers

Each vitamin has a special job. Vitamin C fights colds, Vitamin D strengthens bones, and Vitamin A helps you see better at night!

Where Do Vitamins Come From?

Vitamins come from yummy fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. Eating a rainbow of foods gives you lots of vitamins!

Medicine is like a repair kit. When we are sick, medicine helps fix us up quicker. But it should be taken when needed and as told by a doctor.

What is Medicine?

Unlike vitamins, you don't need medicine every day. It's only when you're not feeling well that medicine comes into play.

Not All Helpers Are the Same

Can Medicine Make Us Healthy?

Medicine helps us when we are sick, but it doesn't stop us from getting sick like vitamins can.

Vitamins Everyday

Taking vitamins every day by eating healthy keeps your body's defenses strong.

When Do We Need Medicine?

Sometimes, even with lots of vitamins, we get sick. That's when medicine is important to help us get better.

Vitamin Power!

Eating foods with lots of vitamins can sometimes mean you need less medicine. That’s because you’re keeping your body super strong!

Keep a Balance

Balancing healthy eating with vitamins and medicine when necessary is key to staying in top shape.

Always talk to a grown-up before taking medicine. It's powerful stuff, and we have to use it the right way.