What Are Doctors Looking for in a Brain MRI?

MRI Experience

Peek inside the brain MRI world. What's the doctor on the lookout for?


Learn the ABCs of MRI: It's non-invasive and tells tales of your brain's health.

The Big T: Tumors

Spotting tumors like a detective - that's one key MRI mission.

Stroke Snapshots

See the story of strokes unfold through MRI scans - it's all about blood flow.

In the labyrinth of multiple sclerosis, MRI scans reveal the unseen: lesions and inflammation.

MS Mysteries

From bumps to bruises, MRI sees the hidden injuries of traumatic brain trauma.

TBI Tales


MRI uncovers the hidden threats: infections lurking in the brain's folds.

Memory Lane: Alzheimer's

In Alzheimer's, MRI captures the journey - shrinking brains and lost connections.

Brain Beats: fMRI Feel the pulse of brain activity with fMRI - it's like a dance of blood flow and thoughts.