What Are Doctors Looking for in a Brain MRI?

What is a Brain MRI?

An MRI is a big machine that takes pictures of the inside of your head!

Why Use an MRI?

Doctors use it to look inside your brain without having to touch it.

Getting Ready!

You lie down, stay still, and the machine takes pictures.

Noisy Machine!

The MRI makes loud noises, but it's just working hard.

Doctors see everything in your brain, like how big it is and its shape.

Looking at the Brain

They check if there are any injuries or boo-boos inside.

Finding Boo-boos

Checking Blood Flow

They can also see how blood travels in your brain.

Looking for Illnesses

MRIs help find sickness that's hard to see.

It can show what parts of your brain are working. This helps doctors decide the best way to help you feel better.