What Are Doctors Looking for in Your Bones?

Your Amazing Bones

Bones are like the framework of your body they help you move and stay strong!

Why Do Doctors Look at Bones?

Doctors use special way like X-rays and MRIs to look inside your body and check on your bones.

Broken Bones

If you hurt yourself and think you broke a bone, doctors use X-rays to see if it's broken and how bad it is.

Growing Up Strong

Doctors look at your bones to make sure you're growing properly and staying healthy.

Sometimes, bones can get sick or have problems like infections or diseases. Doctors use scans to check for these.

Bone Problems

By looking at your bones, doctors can decide on the best way to help you get better.

Finding the Right Treatment

Bone Density

Doctors also check bone density to see how strong your bones are and if you need extra calcium or vitamins.

Inside Your Bones

Bones are like a puzzle—doctors look at how they fit together to make sure everything is in the right place.

Eating healthy foods, exercising, and wearing safety gear can help keep your bones strong and healthy.