What Are the Goggles For in an MRI?

Mystery of the MRI Goggles

Ever wonder why some people wear goggles during an MRI? Let's find out!

Protecting Your Eyes

The goggles are like sunglasses—they protect your eyes from the bright lights inside the MRI machine.

Keeping You Safe

MRI machines have bright lights to help the technician see inside, but they can be too bright for your eyes.

Calming Colors

Some goggles have colored lenses to help you relax and feel more comfortable during the scan.

You can wear headphones with the goggles to listen to your favorite music and help you relax.

Listening to Music

The goggles and headphones help you stay calm and still during the scan, so the pictures come out clear.

Staying Calm and Still

Feeling Like a Superhero

Wearing goggles during the MRI makes you feel like a superhero protecting your eyes from bright lights!

Now you know why people wear goggles during an MRI—you're ready to be brave and calm during your next scan!