What are the rules before an MRI?

No Metal Allowed

Remove all metal objects like jewelry and watches before your scan.

Wear Comfy Clothes

Put on clothes without zippers or buttons. Comfy outfits are the best!

Check Your Pockets

Empty your pockets! Things like coins and keys can’t go into the MRI room.

Special Instructions

Some people may need to stop eating a few hours before the scan. Always ask your doctor!

Always tell your doctor about any medicines you’re taking.

Medication Matters

Got tattoos or piercings? Let your technician know – some inks and metals need extra care.

About Tattoos and Piercings

Keep Still During the Scan

Once inside, you’ll need to stay very still to get clear pictures.

Listen to Instructions

The MRI team will talk to you through a speaker, so listen closely and follow their directions.

It’s okay to feel a bit nervous. You can squeeze a special ball to signal the technician if you’re uncomfortable.