What Are X-Rays and How Are They Different?

What Are X-Rays?

X-rays are like super-powerful light that can pass through objects and show what's inside!

How X-Rays Work

When X-rays pass through things, they create an image by hitting a special screen that lights up!

X-Rays in Medicine

Doctors use X-rays to look inside our bodies to see our bones and even find out if we're sick.

Safety First

Even though X-rays are helpful, too many can be harmful, so doctors use them carefully.

Not just for doctors! X-rays are also used by dentists, security at airports, and scientists.

Different Uses

Besides X-rays, there are other kinds of rays like UV rays from the sun and microwaves in your kitchen!

Other Types of Rays

Comparing Rays

X-rays have more energy than light you can see, but less than cancer-fighting rays called gamma rays!

Being Safe with X-rays

Always wear a lead apron if you need an X-ray to protect parts of your body from extra rays.

While they are super useful in medicine, science, and security, it's important to use them safely.