What Cool Stuff Can Doctors See With Ultrasound?

Ultrasound Magic

Ultrasound lets doctors see inside your body using sound waves—no X-rays needed!

Baby Pictures

One of the coolest things ultrasound can do is show pictures of babies growing inside their mommies' tummies.


Ultrasound can also show the beating of your heart, like a magical movie of your heart in action!

Checking Your Organs

Doctors use ultrasound to check your organs, like your kidneys, liver, and bladder, to make sure they're healthy.

Ultrasound helps doctors see your muscles and joints to find out if you're injured or if something's not working right.

Muscles and Joints

Ultrasound can show how blood is flowing through your veins and arteries, like a map of your body's highways.

Blood Flow

Guiding Surgery

During surgery, doctors use ultrasound to see inside your body and make sure they're in the right place.

Seeing the Unseen

Ultrasound lets doctors see things they can't see with their eyes alone, like tumors or cysts.

Ultrasound is like having a magical window into your body, helping doctors keep you healthy and happy!