What Does Chocolate Do to Your Body Before an MRI?

What's an MRI?

An MRI is a special camera that lets doctors see inside your body without surgery!

Why Chocolate?

Chocolate is yummy, but it's important to know what it does to your body before an MRI.

Before the MRI

Doctors often say not to eat chocolate before an MRI. Let’s find out why!

Sugar Rush

Chocolate has sugar that can give you a lot of energy quickly!

There’s something called caffeine in chocolate that can make your heart beat faster.

Caffeine Kick

Caffeine can also make you feel tense or nervous, which isn't great for lying still in the MRI machine.

Feeling Nervous

Stay Still!

During an MRI, it's super important to stay very still to get a clear picture.

The Effects

If you eat chocolate, you might feel nervous and it could blur the MRI images.

Skip the chocolate and Choosing the right foods helps make sure your MRI goes smoothly!