What Gadgets Can't Go Into an MRI Room?

Super Strong Magnets!

MRI machines have super strong magnets. They can pull metal objects really fast!

No Phones Allowed

Mobile phones can be pulled by the magnet and get damaged. Keep them outside!

Watch Out

Watches can stop working or get stuck to the MRI machine because of the strong magnet.

Loose Change

Keep your pockets empty! Coins can fly like rockets towards the magnet.

MP3 players and iPods must stay out too. They can be damaged by the magnet.

Music Players

Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets should be left outside to stay safe.

Jewelry Alert


Some eyeglasses have metal. Better leave them with your other belongings.


Even small hairpins can be a problem. They can get pulled by the magnet!

Belt Buckles

Belts with metal buckles? Not a good idea. They can get attracted to the machine.


Keys are metal too! Don’t bring them into the MRI room.

So, leave these gadgets and items outside. It keeps you and your stuff safe!