Blinking and MRIs: Exploring the Impact

Let's uncover what happens if you blink while inside an MRI machine.

Staying Still

Learn why it's important to try to keep your eyes closed and stay as still as possible during an MRI.

Motion Blur

Discover how blinking during an MRI can make the pictures blurry, like a camera capturing movement.

Colour Images

Explore why blurry images from blinking can make it harder for doctors to see what's inside your body.

Find out how MRI machines are designed to minimize the impact of blinking and other movements.

Safety Measures

Discover techniques like deep breathing to help you stay calm and still during the MRI.

Relaxation Techniques

Communication Counts

Understand why it's okay to tell the MRI staff if you need to blink or feel uncomfortable.


Know that blinking won't hurt during the MRI, and the staff is there to help you through the process.

By understanding the impact of blinking during an MRI, you can ensure clearer images for better healthcare.