What Happens if You Smoke Before a CT Scan?

Before a CT scan, smoking can affect the pictures doctors see.

What's a CT Scan?

It's like taking special pictures of your insides to help doctors see better.

Smoking and the Lungs

Smoke can make the pictures blurry, like fog on a window.

Smoke's Effects on the Heart

It can make blood flow different, like a traffic jam.

It's like drawing on a photo – it's harder to see what's there.

How Smoke Messes with Pictures

Doctors need to know if you smoked so they can understand the pictures better.

Why Tell the Doctor?

What Happen if  Wrong Pictures Appear

If the pictures are wrong, doctors might miss important things.

Best Advice

It's better not to smoke before the CT scan. Your pictures will be clearer!

Keep your insides clear for better pictures and better help from doctors.