What Happens If You Wear Makeup During a CT Scan?

What is a CT Scan?

A CT scan is like a super camera that doctors use to see inside your body without surgery!

Makeup and CT Scans

Sometimes, makeup has tiny metal parts that you can't see but the scanner can.

Metal in Makeup?

Yes! Some makeups have metals which can mess with the scan pictures.

Why It Matters

If the scan gets blurry, doctors might not see everything clearly.

On the day of your scan, it’s best to go clean-faced.

Your Scan Day

Lotions or creams can also affect your scan, so skip those too!

What About Lotions?

Can I Wear Lip Balm?

It’s better to avoid anything on your skin unless your doctor says it’s okay.

What If I Forget?

If you forget and wear makeup, tell your doctor. They’ll help you clean it off!

Wearing comfy clothes without zippers or metals is also a good idea!