What Happens Inside the Big MRI Machine?

What's an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a giant camera for looking inside your body!

The Big Magnet

The MRI has a huge magnet that helps doctors see inside your body without making a single cut!

Getting Ready

If you ever need an MRI, you’ll lie down on a sliding bed that goes inside the machine.

Super Sounds

Inside, you'll hear some funny noises. It's just the machine working to get a good picture.

Remember, metal and magnets don’t mix! You’ll need to remove any metal objects before you go in.

No Metal Allowed

Staying still is super important in getting a clear picture, just like when you pose for a photo!

Lie Still

No Worries!

It doesn't hurt. It’s just like having a camera flash, but without the light!

Inside the Tube

Inside the MRI, you might feel like you’re in a tunnel. It’s cozy and safe.

Once it’s done, you slide out and that’s it. The doctors will have clear pictures of what’s inside.