What Happens to Your MRI Pictures After?

Taking the Pictures

During an MRI scan, a machine takes detailed pictures of the inside of your body using strong magnets and radio waves.

Image Capturing

The machine captures these images as digital files, sort of like taking photos with a special camera.

Saving the Images

Once the pictures are taken, they're saved on a computer so doctors can look at them closely.

Doctor's Analysis

Doctors examine the images to see if there are any problems or if everything looks normal.

Your MRI pictures become part of your electronic medical record, which is like a digital folder that keeps track of your health information.

Electronic Medical Record

They're stored securely to make sure they stay safe and private.


Sharing with Specialists

Sometimes, doctors may need to share your MRI pictures with other specialists to get their opinion.

Comparing Over Time

If you have more than one MRI, doctors can compare the pictures to see if there have been any changes in your health.

After your MRI, your pictures are carefully stored, analyzed by doctors, and kept safe to help with your health and medical research.