What Is Asthma and How Can You Manage It?

How Does Asthma Work?

Inside our lungs, there are small tubes that carry air. In asthma, these tubes can get tight and swollen.

Asthma Triggers

Certain things can make asthma worse. These are called triggers. Common triggers include dust, pollen, and smoke.

Symptoms of Asthma

When someone has asthma, they might cough a lot, especially at night, or feel like their chest is tight.

An inhaler is a small device that helps people with asthma breathe better. It gives medicine directly to the lungs.

Using an Inhaler

These inhalers are used during an asthma attack. They work fast to open up the airways.

Quick-Relief Inhalers

Controller Inhalers

These inhalers are used every day to keep asthma under control. They help prevent asthma attacks.

Avoiding Triggers

To manage asthma, it's important to avoid things that trigger symptoms. This can include staying away from smoke and keeping rooms clean.

Exercise and Asthma

Exercise is good for you, but it can sometimes trigger asthma. Always warm up and use your inhaler if needed.

If your asthma symptoms get worse or your inhaler doesn't help, it's important to see a doctor right away.