What Makes an MRI Machine So Loud?

Inside the Machine

An MRI has big magnets and a spinning part called the coil.

Powerful Magnets

When the MRI works, its strong magnets move to scan the body.

The Coil Spins

This coil spins really fast inside the machine, creating noise.

Electric Pulses

The machine sends out electric pulses, which cause a loud tapping sound.

Each pulse makes the coil move, causing banging sounds you hear.

Banging Sounds

The MRI's tunnel-like shape makes these sounds echo, making them louder.

Echoes in the Tube

Safety First

Even though it's loud, the machine is very safe and helps doctors see inside our bodies.

Hearing Protection

Doctors give you special headphones to protect your ears from the noise.

The loud noise is just part of a quick process to help you stay healthy.