What Makes CT Scans Faster Than MRIs?

CT Scans and MRIs

Both CT scans and MRIs are source doctors use to see inside your body, but they work differently!

How CT Scans Work

CT scans use X-rays to take lots of pictures from different angles very quickly.

How MRIs Work

MRIs use magnets and radio waves to take detailed pictures, which takes more time.

Speed of CT Scans

CT scans can often be done in just a few minutes.

MRI scans can take 30 minutes to an hour because they get more detailed images.

MRIs Take Longer

Sometimes, doctors need quick answers, which is when a CT scan is very useful.

Why Speed Matters

Detail of MRIs

MRIs provide more detailed images, helpful for seeing things like muscles and the brain.

When to Use Each

Doctors choose between CT scans and MRIs based on what they need to find out.

Both scans are safe, but doctors always choose the best one for your health.