What Makes Medicines Different Colors and Shapes?

Colors Make It Easy!

Colors help us tell medicines apart quickly. Each color can remind us what the medicine is for!

Shapes Matter Too!

Shapes aren't just for fun. They help us know how to take the medicine, like swallowing or chewing.

Why So Many Colors?

Medicines are colored using safe dyes. This helps everyone, especially those taking many medicines.

Bright colors can also warn us. For example, red might mean 'stop and check the label first!

All About Safety!

Some shapes are easier for different people to swallow. This is especially helpful for the elderly.

Shapes for Everyone!

Fun Shapes!

Chewable vitamins often look like little animals or fruits to make them fun to take!

Colors for Allergies!

Certain colors can also indicate if a medicine is free from common allergens.

Making No Mistakes

Colors and shapes help doctors and pharmacists ensure they give out the right medicine.

Ever notice medicine tastes sweet? The coating color can hide the real taste!