What Makes Sunscreen So Important in Summer?

Sun’s Tiny Bullets!

The sun sends tiny energy bullets called UV rays. They can be tough on our skin!

Sunscreen: The Shield!

Sunscreen acts like a shield, stopping those UV rays from reaching our skin.

Avoid the Burn!

Without sunscreen, the sun can give us burns. Ouch! That's why we rub on the cream.

Did you know sunscreen keeps your skin looking young? No more quick wrinkles!

Sunscreen = Less Aging

There are many types. Some are stronger. Always choose one with SPF 30 or more.

Not All Sunscreens Are Equal!

Reapply Magic!

One application is not enough. Reapply every two hours to stay protected.

Cloudy Days? Yes, Please!

UV rays are sneaky; they come through clouds. So, yes, wear sunscreen even on cloudy days!

Water Fun? More Sunscreen!

Swimming washes away sunscreen. Put more on after you get out of the water.

All Over Cover!

Don't forget ears, back of your knees, and toes. UV rays spare no spot!

Make sunscreen a part of your morning routine. A good habit keeps your skin healthy!