What should I avoid before MRI?

No Metal Objects

Remember, metal is a no-go! Remove all jewelry, watches, and belts.

Skip Certain Makeups

Some makeup has metal bits! It’s best to go natural to avoid any issues.

Clothing Tips

Wear comfy clothes without zippers or snaps. Think soft and simple!

Food and Drinks

Try to avoid eating or drinking a few hours before your MRI.

Check with your doctor if you should take your regular medicine.

Medication Check

Leave your phone and other gadgets outside the MRI room.

Gadgets at Home

No Cards with Chips

Credit cards and IDs have chips, so they’ll need to stay out too.

Hearing Aids

If you use a hearing aid, you’ll need to remove it before the scan.

Hair Products

Avoid hair gels or sprays - keep your hair product-free.

Tattoos Alert

Got tattoos? They might contain metal, so tell your MRI technician.

Before your MRI, you’ll get a quick check to make sure you’re all set!