What Should You Tell the Doctor Before an MRI?

What's an MRI?

An MRI is a big machine that takes pictures inside your body to help doctors see what's going on.

Before Your MRI

You should talk to your doctor about any health issues or allergies you have.

Metal Objects

Let your doctor know if you have any metal in your body, like braces or implants.


Tell your doctor about any medicines you take regularly or if you're allergic to any medicines.

If you're a girl, it's important to tell your doctor if you think you might be pregnant.


It's okay to feel nervous! Tell your doctor if you're scared or anxious about the MRI.

Nervous Feelings

Safety Measures

Doctors need this information to make sure the MRI is safe and effective for you.

During the MRI

You can talk to the MRI technician through a microphone if you need anything during the scan.

By telling your doctor everything they need to know, you're helping them take care of you the best way possible.