What to avoid before a PET scan

Skip Breakfast

Avoid eating or drinking anything except water for at least 6 hours before the scan.

Stay Calm and Rest

Don’t do any heavy exercise or too much moving around on the day of your scan.

Check with Your Doctor

Some medicines need to be stopped before the scan. Always ask your doctor first!

No Coffee or Soda

Avoid drinks with caffeine, like cola and coffee, a day before your scan.

Metal can mess up the scan. No earrings, watches, or bracelets!

Leave Jewelry Home

No smoking or using nicotine products on the day of your scan.

Avoid Smoking

Wear Something Cozy

Choose loose and comfortable clothes with no metal parts.

Double-Check Everything!

Make sure you’ve followed all the rules before you go for your scan.

Arrive a little early to relax and get ready for your scan without rushing.